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KUDU Well Manager

KUDU Well Manager product suite is a family of products created to protect your oilfield equipment. From a simple VFD to a fully automated and optimized system, KUDU has the scalability to upgrade the solution to meet your future needs.

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KUDU All Metal PCP

KUDU has introduced the first all metal PCP to the Canadian market. The pump consists of a metal stator and matching rotor, which utilizes special metallurgy to resist wear and maximize run life. It is rated for temperatures up to 350°C, functions in low to high viscosities and handles most solvents or chemicals.

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Check out KUDU's next generation of elastomers that provide better quality and performance.

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KUDU’s Pump of the Month highlights actual Progressing Cavity Pump solutions used in various well conditions. KUDU is continually challenging the status quo and these showcased run times prove it. Do you have a KUDU Pump of the Month you want to showcase? Contact your KUDU representative and we will put one together.

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KUDU Well Manager Product Suite

Various levels of automation technology to protect oilfield equipment

KUDU All Metal PCP

First all metal PCP to the Canadian Market

Progressing Cavity Pumps

KUDU Pumps

KUDU’s Pump Of The Month

Real pump applications, real results