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KUDU offers a variety of ways to pump up your operation. Our PCP models ranging from 4m3/d to 160m3/d @100rpm are ready to get the most from your well. KUDU PCPs are engineered to increase safety, decrease costs, and provide maximum efficiency.

Progressing Cavity Pump - PCP by KUDU for Oil and GasKUDU-Seal-of-Approval


The KUDU PCP is a positive displacement pump engineered to deliver a consistent head capacity with superior sand lifting capability. PCPs typically have lower operating and capital costs partly due to simpler installations and lower power consumption compared to other artificial lift methods. KUDU PCPs also handle producing solids and high viscosity fluids to ensure your operation is performing at maximum production.

Applications for KUDU PCPs:

  • Light to heavy sand laden crude oil
  • Light crude oil with high aromatic content
  • Dewatering gas wells
  • Coal bed methane
  • High water cuts
  • Highly corrosive wells
  • Thermal applications (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage SAGD, and Cyclic Steam Stimulation CSS)
  • Horizontal, slant, and directional wells


KUDU PCP In Comparison To Other Forms Of Artificial Lift 

Artificial Lift Comparison Chart 06262015


A Better Way To Pump It Up

KUDU’s new cutting-edge PCPs have several key advantages. A reduced rotor pitch and large minor diameter improves torque handling. These shorter cavity pitch lengths also reduce fluid velocity through the pump resulting in less erosion/wear and longer stator run life. The larger cavity cross section provides superior fluid inflow performance. The standard EUE stator connections are machined directly onto/into the stator tube, which eliminates the need for expensive crossovers and orbital tubes on most of the pump models.


Complete PCP Data Chart

Rotor Selection Guide
Complete Rotor Selection Chart WEB

Ability to Coil Past KUDU Pumps

KUDU Elastomers 
KUDU is a trusted service provider with over 25 years of experience using PCPs in oil and gas applications. KUDU is continually evolving our elastomer selection to offer customers better quality and performance. KUDU's next generation of elastomers provide significant improvements in bond strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, gas and water resistance, and temperature ratings. KUDU's technical expertise is unparalleled by offering ISO certified, quality products that are serviced and supported by industry specialists. 

Elastomer Selection Guide


ISO Tech Check


Progressing Cavity Pump - Overview - Video


Progressing Cavity Pump - Theory - Video


Progressing Cavity Pump - Solids - Video


Progressing Cavity Pump - Dewatering - Video


Top Tag™ - Video


For current technical information. Please download the pdfPCP brochure or contact your local KUDU representative.

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